Direction of this blog?

I’ve decided that I’m kind of at a crossroads with this blog and would like to arrive at a decision in the next few weeks.

I have MANY interests (food, technology, health, environmental issues, photography, project management, sports, fashion, self-reliance, social media, fitness and many, many other passions) and my thinking is to decide how I would like to showcase all of these (IF that is even possible) in a blog that truly communicates my “brand” and yet allows me to drill down into specific detail without watering down all of the content or remain fixated on one area over another. It’s kind of struggle, actually.

Of late, I’ve been really focusing on building relationships (on&offline) and getting the word out for my latest project: and this has immense meaning in my life. I’ve been REALLY loving Twitter lately and finding tremendous value with that tool. I think the dialogue happening due to Twitter and the processing of various content streams has really prompted me to adjust my own strategy.

I’d love your feedback in the form of comments here, PM on Twitter, email (josuediaz11[at] [gmail] dot [com]).

I don’t take this decision lightly and want to truly display what I find useful, entertaining and how I can add value through further brand building of my own personal brand.

Thank you


Green Cleaning Tips

I realize there is plenty of “Green-Washing” in today’s consumer choices for cleaning products, but these tips are above that deceptive practice and these are tips that will not jeopardize yours or your family’s (and pets) health. Hopefully you are NOT one of those people that gets visibly sick by cleaning your home or various surface areas. I know of people who accept this as their reality because they believe “if it’s strong enough to make my eyes red or make me sneeze, then it’s killing all the germs.” Nonsense! How were various surfaces cleaned 60+ years ago?! Marketing and Media are king & queen of today’s consumer products and you don’t have to accept what these companies are trying to sell you. There are “legit” green companies out there, but paying $5-$8 (or more!) for a 32oz spray bottle of cleaner is bad economics. Love the smell of certain green company products, put in 1-2 drops of essential oil you find pleasing to your olfactory senses.

A recent article in Wired showed some really useful tips that will not only clean various surface areas, but will save you plenty of money. Saving money definitely does NOT make me sick. 🙂

Have any suggestions of what you do in terms of surface area cleaning?

My current herb de jour is….


Turmeric! Seriously, I’m kind of obsessed with it of late. From baked chicken to quinoa to potatoes and egg white omelettes or couscous and legumes, I’m definitely feeling this herb at the moment.

The historical perspective on Turmeric cannot be denied. We’re talking about an herb that’s been in use for thousands of years. For my selfish purposes, I have enjoyed it as an enhancer for various foods, but there are numerous examples of this herb being applied in the world of cosmetics, perfumes, clothing, and of course the medicinal qualities it possesses from gastrointestinal and dermatological remedies. I’m especially intrigued by the research that shows how Turmeric works to quench inflammation and may also aid in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. There’s no secret of the integral nature of Turmeric’s use within India. It’s used regularly (main ingredient in curry powder) and I doubt it’s a coincidence that the rate of Alzheimer’s rank lowest in the world: 1-3%. Amazing.

Don’t be scared of Turmeric’s brilliant color. Think mustard. That’s a popular condiment in America, but move beyond that and see how you can incorporate Turmeric into your culinary experiences and reap a host of flavor and health benefits.

How are you using Turmeric?

5min breakfast! You can do this! Try it!

I eat breakfast everyday, but some mornings require something faster that still provides a high level of nutrition, protein and slow-release of carbohydrates. This breakfast is very filling and should be followed up in 2-3hrs w/a higher caloric/protein option to really fuel your metabolism. I’ve been reading up on the science behind a post by Tim Ferriss, and although this breakfast deviates from what he mentions, I think it’s on the fringe of the logic.

Pocket Guide to Choosing Organic

You’ve likely heard of Earthbound Farm Organic and may have some of their products in your home at this moment, but you don’t have to consume their products to benefit from a useful pocket guide they’ve made available on their site that shows you which conventionally-grown fruits and vegetables are most likely to carry multiple pesticide residues.

Ever consider a DIY Chandelier?

julia’s post

Although I don’t consider myself a “Chandelier person”, I do appreciate a DIY-attitude and personal style of someone’s kitchen. I’ve seen some pretty unique/eclectic kitchens and really enjoy many of the stories/inspirations that lead to their creation/customization.

Julia has done a pretty amazing job with her Chandelier and provides a detailed set of instructions and a nice diagram for you to accomplish a similar creation. I’d love to see the rest of her kitchen! 🙂 Customization/personalization on a project like this is pretty vast. Post pics of your creation and have fun!

Gluten here….Gluten there….Gluten everywhere!

We’re a nation obsessed w/gluten. There, I said it! It’s true, though. Everywhere you turn, you can find gluten. A nation of citizens w/such a pitiful and plentiful “reliance” on processed foods can undoubtedly open their refrigerator, freezer and cabinets to yield a volume of gluten-laced products never before seen in the history of modern society.

I’ve touched on this subject before, but I was recently reminded of this gluten obsession whilst attending an event in which I looked over the spread of food and realized, “Wow, if I had some form of gluten sensitivity, I’d have to eat 1-2 servings of ONE appetizer for the whole night.” Terrible. It’s amazing that more people are not in tune with their bodies to realize that in fact, they may posses gluten sensitivities although they may not exhibit a full list of symptoms. The other issue is why would someone ever assume their list (we’re talking more than 20 people at this particular event) of guests would be OK w/the food selection?

I realize that most hosts will not prepare dishes for each physiological and moral (vegan and/or various forms of vegetarianism) cause their guests may be connected with, but sometimes the NEW (based on current research and just feeling better) default way of thinking can take care of the other issues without any sacrifice to the selection of dishes for the guests.

It’s amazing that information is closer to us now than it has ever been, but there almost seems to be a deliberate attempt to remain ignorant or just lazy BECAUSE at any time we can access information to prove something, but some of us may just feel like it’s not worth even “trying” because of the intense information overload many fall prisoner to. I’m not really sure, but I do wish people would realize we are killing ourselves by just not thinking about basic foods and allowing an industrialized food system make up our minds.

Without further adieu, I’d like to present you with a list of Unsafe Gluten-Free Food List (Unsafe Ingredients) brought to us by and although it seems like the list goes on forever, there are still MANY alternatives to create dishes for yourself or any guests you may host.